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Das Nest is excited to welcome Acorn Restaurant to Mayne Island!

For two nights, Acorn head chef Devon Latte and Das Nest's Jan Gumbmann (formerly of Farmer’s Apprentice and Ubuntu) will join forces bringing a unique multi-course family style dinner to your table using the best seasonal and wild-crafted ingredients available.

This event is ideal for any locavore foodies from Mayne Island seeking a unique and memorable dining experience, or the perfect excuse for a getaway!

Monday, July 11
Tuesday, July 12

Das Nest - 454 Village Bay Rd, Mayne Island
Doors at 6:00 PM

$89 per person (Tax and Gratuity additional, paid at checkout)

Dinner will be served family style
This is a Vegetarian Dinner - please let us know if you are Vegan!
A special beverage pairing option and full drinks list will available at the event

Don't miss this special opportunity for you and your loved ones!

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welcome to das nest !

we are a local organic restaurant.
our focus lies on our community, farm fresh vegetables and ethically raised animals.
we provide a small, constantly changing comfort food menu and a "feel at home" environment that makes your dinner experience feel like home.
das nest or "the nest " in English language, stands for a casual relaxed time with local food and beverages.



bottles of wine, cider and mayne island beer are available for off-sales. stop by to check out our selection.

fresh baked spelt and red spring
wheat sourdough loaves available for pre-order by 12pm the day before pick up (no pickup wednesday / thursday)