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" We are Randi and Jan. . We fell in love with Mayne Island in September 2020 when we came here for the very first time. We found very good friends ( Michael and Annette) at the brewery  who didn't have a too hard time convincing us to move here and open a restaurant. After that things just fell in place.

We both wanted to open a restaurant but couldn't do it without each other. We share the love for good food, drinks and of course each other.


Early spring 2023 things changed a little bit for us and we had no choice but to close the doors of our restaurant. Good news is we stayed on the island and providing good local food in form of caterings.


Our Philosophy 

"das nest" stands for a home. Like a nest we want to create an environment where people feel  welcome and comfortable. With local farm fresh elevated comfort food and an always evolving menu, we want to keep people interested in what they are eating and  curious about where it came from. In a fast moving world like ours it often gets forgotten to question where and how your food comes from. Food is such an important thing in our life. Not just to keep the motor running but it also is balm for the soul.

It is our responsibility and privilege to respect ingredients and create a sustainable space. and future

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